Thursday, May 28, 2009

Delaware Supreme Court Gives Sports Betting The OK

At the request of Governor Markell, the Delaware Supreme Court issued its unanimous opinion today that a "sports lottery" would indeed be legal and constitutional for the State of Delaware.

This comes after a new sports betting bill was signed into action only days ago, a bill that received immediate and strong opposition from the NFL and NCAA.

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The NFL's stance on the matter is that sports betting relies too much on skill to be considered a game of chance- an important legal distinction. But the court stated in their 22 page report that while skill can be involved, chance is still the "predominant factor."

The Court's opinion was one solely regarding a sports betting lottery consisting of parlays and no official opinion was rendered regarding straight bets against a spread. But optimists, including the Delaware State Lottery Office believe that the "predominant factor" requirement would carry over to straight betting as well.

Markell and company plan to hire from without to ensure a well run sports betting program- one that attracts the most people and produces consistent revenue. The plan is to have the sports betting product installed and operational by this coming NFL season. The NFL may proceed legally with their opposition.


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