Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Is The NFL Really Against Legalizing Sports Betting?

Not if they know what is good for them. And, let's face it: The most influential and successful American sports league knows what is good for them. Part of knowing this is also knowing what to say and what to pretend to think.

Think about your favorite football team. You watch them every week, right? you don't leave the couch until a commercial. Well, what about the other games? Sure, you may be interested, especially if the other game 's result has some sort of bearing on your team. But, even if it doesn't, you still love football. You are still interested in the outcome. But, are you glued to your seat? Are you hanging on every play? Unless you have some money riding on the outcome, probably not.

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So, putting money on a game makes you watch other games besides those of your favorite team with the same intensity as those of the teams about which you are a fanatic. For the NFL, this means more consistent viewership, which, of course, means more advertising dollars.

But there are other, more subtle benefits that the NFL reaps from sports betting. The more people that bet on the NFL, the more people will tune into programs like NFL Live on ESPN or their local or a national sports radio show. This helps bring the NFL more into the consciousness of the public. People start to equate the NFL with regular daily activities. Basically, the more that people think about the NFL, the better it is for the league. And, who thinks more about the NFL than someone who bets on it regularly?


The fact is that people bet on the NFL already. This is no secret. It is the most bet on league in the U.S, by far. But, most of this betting is performed illegally online or through a bookie. It is currently almost considered taboo for mainstream football talk shows to discuss point spreads or sports betting, other than for purely "fun purposes." Yet, when you look at the yearly football sports betting figures, the American football community is starving for such opinions. They are thirsty for sports betting insights and tips.

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By legalizing sports betting throughout the U.S, or somewhere other than Vegas, it will serve to simply bring something that already exists into the forefront of the mainstream sports culture. and it will add a dimension to the reporting of the sport that many people watch the reporting for anyway.

The NFL states that it does not want the integrity of its games to be threatened. But, this assumes that no betting takes place as it is now. But, the fact is that people bet anyway. If current bets do not affect the outcomes of games, why would future legal betting? It wouldn't.

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The NFL must be against sports betting- publicly. It is the "proper" stance to take. It is the "right" thing to say. But, ultimately, they should be glad to have people talking that much more about their league and their sport and the result of their sporting events. You think the NFL can't get substantially bigger or more powerful? Legalize sports betting and see what happens.

The NFL knows what is good for them and the legalization of sports betting (in any capacity) is good for them.

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