Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More of the Bizarre From Wide Out Land: Brandon Marshall and Who Else But Chad Ochocinco

In the race for clown college scholarships, bizarre tirade of the week awards and desperate attention grabbing ploys, one position in sports always takes the cake.

I don't get it, but the wide receivers of this era are flat out ridiculous. It's one outlandish claim, action or remark a week with this position. Some might fight back that wide receivers have to be flashy if they are going to be good. Arrogance at this position, to some crazies, is necessary.

I personally do not see the overwhelming need to act absurdly to play wide receiver. There are cocky players at most positions in sports (maybe not punter?), but the wide receivers grab all the headlines and steal all the airtime on Sports Center and NFL Live. The unemployed Plaxico Burress shot himself, Carolina's Steve Smith tried to entertain us with his celebrations and punched his teammate in the face, Dallas icon Michael Irvin always had his flare and I probably don't have to do much else other than simply mention Terrell Owens.

Yesterday, we saw two episodes of wide outs being wide outs. The first was either an attention grabbing ploy or a negotiating tool. Brandon Marshall demanded to be traded from the Denver Broncos. Unhappy with the attention the Jay Cutler soap opera stole from his off the field, criminal behavior, Marshall decided to step things up a notch and really grab the attention of the Denver brass, press, fans and his teammates and coaches. He even posted a farewell address on his blog. No word yet on the status of his Twitter account.

Few of us could say that we've never put the squeeze on our boss in the hopes of getting a raise. And really, that's all Brandon Marshall seems to be doing, unless he's unhappy with the new coaching staff in Denver. Currently, he's earning about $2.2 million this year after earning a trip to the Pro Bowl last season. Not too shabby by most of our standards, but perhaps he has the right to play the market; and the market for a wide receiver of his caliber is looking pretty good.

This is going to be an interesting story to follow in the next few days and weeks. Denver beat writer Lindsay Jones yesterday told ESPN that she does not see Marshall being traded. Others have already begun to light up the rumor mill. The Baltimore Sun ran a story today regarding the Ravens' desperate need for a top tier wide receiver and what the Brandon Marshall saga means for the team. The Bleacher Report touched on a thought that had passed through everybody's mind: Could we see Marshall reunited with his quarterback in Chicago? The Chicago Sun-Times even touched on the subject, although not at great length. Reports are also surfacing that Cleveland is interested and speculation continues to swirl regarding Marshall landing in New York with either the Jets or the Giants. If it was attention he was seeking, he's certainly got it now.

The second bizarre tidbit out of Wide Out Land was involving Chad Ochocinco. I don't have to tell you that this guy's out there. I feel ridiculous even writing 'Ochocinco' to refer to a human being. His touchdown celebrations are completely asinine. I don't know about you, but after the first two I was all set.

Word spread on Tuesday that on HBO's 'Joe Buck Live' Monday night, Ochocinco announced his plans to move in with Carson Palmer and his family for the month of July. Chad said that he is hoping it will make up "for the time that I missed with Carson throughout the offseason."

I can't write anything else to emphasize the lunacy that this already creates by itself.

The end.

Written By Danny Hobrock