Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Updates from an Unheralded Offseason in the NFL

It's been five months since Super Bowl XLIII ended and the Steelers claimed their sixth Lombardi Trophy. Now, five months later, we are still discussing the NFL future of Brett Favre, one of the league's all-time great wide receivers is still searching for a home, we are all mixed up in a couple of legal battles (involving WR's) and another wide receiver still won't shut up. It's just more of the usual from the NFL offseason.

Don’t get me wrong, this offseason has had its share of developments and trades that will shape the 2009 season. The Broncos tried to bring in Matt Cassel in a deal that would have sent away franchise quarterback Jay Cutler. The deal did not go through and Cassel eventually wound up in Kansas City, where he will be tested without the league's best supporting cast by his side. Nevertheless, Cutler felt slighted, pouted and was traded to Chicago. Now Cutler will be tested without the Brandon Marshall/Eddie Royal duo catching all of his passes. His best wide receiver in Chicago is a cornerback/kick returner.

Week 1 NFL Lines Are Here

In Green Bay and Minnesota, fans are still waiting on a decision from Brett Favre. Favre is considering a return to the gridiron after his weeklong retirement. Favre will return to football if his shoulder can withstand another NFL season, he is guaranteed a starting job and the Vikings agree to retire his number after the year is finished.

BREAKING NEWS: NFL Legend Brett Favre is mulling an offer from the Chicago White Sox to play third base, taking over for the young, heralded prospect Gordon Beckham. Favre has not played baseball competitively since his days at Hancock North Central High School. Favre's strong arm and quick release make him natural fit to play one of baseball's toughest positions. He has been guaranteed the starting job and the third spot in the batting order.

Rumor has it that Marvin Harrison could be joining the Minnesota Vikings as well. According to ESPN's rumor mill, citing a source speaking to Pro Football Weekly, Harrison will join the Vikes if Favre signs with the team. The future Hall of Famer to future Hall of Famer combo would sell a lot of tickets, especially on October 5, when the Packers are in town.

Week 1 NFL Lines Are Here

In Chad Ochocinco news, the wide receiver and co-founding member (along with Terrell Owens) of the backwards, bizarre world of Wide Out Land, now promises to tweet during his games this season. Not sure how this is going to go over with the coaching staff or the ownership of the Bengals, but it probably did not surprise too many people. He was speaking on KGOW radio in Houston, Texas when he made the claim. Fans are on the edge of their seats after hearing the news. Comments left by fans on Sports Illustrated's page covering Chad's promise include:

· "If he played as hard as he yaps he would have broken Jerry Rice's records by now"
· " I can not give a flying crap about this **** in real-time. I'm definitely excited."
· "This doesn't sound like a very good idea, which is why Ocho will be all over it."
· "Tweeting is for girls..."

Who knows where this will go, but it's safe to say that Coach Marvin Lewis has had enough trouble with his team that he doesn't need some fool tweeting during games.

It's been quite the usual NFL offseason in 2009. The draft produced few marquee surprises that turned the league on its head. Some good players were picked, a quarterback posed shirtless for GQ and everything was normal after the draft was all said and done.

Written By Danny Hobrock

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