Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Delaware – A Victim of Double Standards?

While close to 40% of the NFL teams have made various ‘lottery’ deals to try and cope with the ongoing fiscal times, the NFL continues to remain steadfast in its opposition to gambling. It has even gone to the extent of trying to stop States such as Delaware from going ahead with their ‘single game’ betting system.

The way it appears, the NFL seems to be ok with gambling as long as it retains control of the way it functions within the league.

The state of Delaware certainly doesn’t seem to have it easy, with a Delaware appeals court expediting an appeal by the ‘NCAA’ and 4 other major sports leagues, who are trying to stop the new State law that will permit sports betting within the state. Betting is scheduled to start on Sep 1. The hearing is set to take place on the 24th of Aug.

The NCAA is basically opposing all kinds of sports betting, and has also made it clear that student athletes stand to lose eligibility and can even face legal consequences in they partake in sports betting.

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The state, of course, is not taking this lying down. Delaware State attorneys have approached the federal court to dismiss the appeal that involves the State’s new betting policy. The attorneys, in their filing, stated that in no way did the judge abuse his powers in denying the injunction. The appeal, according to them, should also be dismissed because the involved leagues will fail to show how they see sports betting causing them any immediate harm, or why it is necessary for the appeal to be immediately heard.
Getting back to the NFL, the question remains as to why it continues to fight against betting on NFL games by government regulated betting on one hand, and hires a convicted felon in the form of Michael Vick on the other. Michael Vick, for the uninitiated, is a man who was convicted for financing, supporting, and participating in a ‘dog fighting’ betting ring that was spread across many states. The reason that supports Nick’s inclusion into the NFL is said to be that he ‘excites’ football fans, thereby leading to higher revenue for the NFL.

What really seems to be ticking off the NFL at the moment is that all forms of legalized sports betting will begin in Delaware from the beginning of next month; and players will then be able to legally bet on college football as well as the soon to begin NFL season. This is essentially keeping the serious betting aficionado within the state as opposed to his/her travelling into Nevada.

For instance, betting at the Delaware Park will see the betting windows open on all 3 levels. The tellers will simply wear different shirts to distinguish between sports betting and betting on races. Players will then be able to place a myriad of bets which would include single game bets, halftime bets, future bets, and other kinds of wagers that are already fairly commonplace.

While there continues to be a whole lot of attention that this issue is getting, how it will pan out will only be seen in the days to come.
Written By Rajiv Baniwal