Wednesday, August 19, 2009

With Vick in the Mixm Put Your Money on the Boys From Philly.

The Eagles haven't quite revamped their team this year but they do have a slew of new faces and a legit chance to win the NFC East. The addition of Jeremy Maclin (WR), LeSean McCoy (RB) and Jason Peters (OT) has given the team a serious offensive upgrade.
Ranked sixth in scoring last season, Philly could easily find themselves in the top five this year and we haven't even gotten to what type of damage Michael Vick could do.Sure he hasn't played in about three years, but what do you think he was doing while in prison?

I'm sure he wasn't sitting around perfecting his knitting or writing poems to loved ones. There is a lot of time to work out in the pen and Vick will undoubtedly step on to the field in peak condition.McNabb recently told reporters that the two QBs may even take the field at the same time throughout the season. Even if they don't, now defensive coordinators have to prepare for that situation.But imagine if they do! With the two hurlers standing side-by-side, linemen have to wonder where the ball is going. If it goes to McNabb, does he pitch it to Vick to run on the outside, or hand it to Mike and let him toss it down field? Does Vick get the snap and flee-flick it to McNabb, run it around the end, or throw it himself?

There are a ton of options and I'm sure the Eagles will try a couple of them periodically just to keep everyone off balance. The Eagles were one of the first teams to implement two running backs in the offensive scheme with Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter. Now they may be the first with two QBs. That is if everyone stays healthy.
McNabb has seen his share of injuries over the years, and with the fall of Kevin Kolb as the premier backup, Vick is as good a replacement as you can get.Worst case scenario: McNabb gets injured early and Vick takes the helm. He has a top ten RB in Westbrook, a few good receivers and a great offensive line to give him room to run or throw. Best case scenario: McNabb and Vick head-up the first quarterback-by-committee team and confuse opponents all season long, win the division and roll to the Superbowl.

If they win, Philadelphia will see riots in the streets and the city will be set ablaze. Not to mention, they put a little extra cash in your pocket and hand you bragging rights for choosing Philly long before anyone else. Also, for anyone that wants to know about the Eagles' defense. They only lost Brian Dawkins.

The team returns 10 starters from a defense that ranked fourth against the run last season and has some talent in Asante Samuel, Chris Gocnog, Quintin Mikell and Quintin Demps. The Eagles come with 6-1 odds to win the NFC East and 12-1 odds to win the Superbowl in many books.

Written By Brian Radewitz