Friday, August 21, 2009

Underdog NFL Teams to Watch

With preseason just getting underway, it might seem foolish to try and predict the Super Bowl winner. As any sports bettor will tell you though, this is the best time to get your bets in, especially if the team you favor is an underdog. Teams like Buffalo, Arizona, and New Orleans all offer current odds at 20:1 or higher. Yet with restructuring both on the field and on the sidelines, these teams offer prices that might disappear as the season goes on.

The Buffalo Bills acquired WR Terrell Owens during the off-season. While his stats have not been consistent from season to season, he had over 1,000 yards last year. This is a huge addition to a team that has struggled over the past several years. Although he is currently on the injured list, he will be back in plenty of time for the regular season. With Trent Edwards adding another year of experience as QB, this might be a dangerous combination.

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Larry Fitzgerald was ranked the #1 pick for wide receivers by Sports Illustrated. In addition to this, the Arizona Cardinals have the #5 ranked QB in Kurt Warner. While their defense has a bit to be desired, the Cardinals look to have a much stronger offense than last year. At 30:1 odds, Arizona appears to be one of the better deals when it comes to long shots.

New Orleans QB Drew Brees is possibly the best quarterback in the game right now. With more passing yards than anyone else in the NFL last year (316.8), Brees has a mediocre at best defense to protect him. If the team can get their act together, Brees may find himself leading a postseason-bound team. In fact, New Orleans is currently leading their division in the preseason. Don’t forget Reggie Bush, either. Although Bush missed half of last season, he still put up numbers that prompted SI to rank him #31 in the NFL amongst running backs.

Written By Mathew Young