Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Vikings and the Favre Effect

A record number of tickets have been sold for Minnesota Viking games ever since the team has signed Brett Favre. Until last night, more than 10,000 seats for single games and 3,000 season tickets had already been sold. The Vikings’ Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Steve LaCroix, told Bloomberg a day after the signing happened, “It’s been as active as we’ve been in the ticket department in one day, for sure.”

Brett Favre holds the distinction of being the NFL’s all time leading passer and he’s also earned the title of being the NFL’s Most Valuable Player three times. This come back season will be his 19th season with the NFL.

Favre’s being on board has already changed things considerably for the team. It is now being viewed as one of the league’s ‘glamour’ teams, and also one that is quite strong on paper.

This, in a way, is also being viewed as a big risk taken by Brad Childress, the Vikings’ coach. With 2 years still to go on his existing contract, there are people who are looking as this as a do-or-die approach.

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Things that can go in the Vikings’ favor is that with Favre on board they can certainly expect to score more, thereby not just securing Childress’ future, but also the teams’ marketing efforts, a rise in ticket sales, etc.

Favre, who is 39 now, is expected to perform at his best during the coming season. If he can end up living to the expectations of coach Childress, the Vikings would surely be a team to watch out for this season.

A clamor for tickets is already underway, and seats for the upcoming game to be played against the Green Bay Packers can only be availed on in the form of season tickets. This is after the fact that for many games last season the Vikings actually had to struggle in avoiding blackout deadlines. The number of seats that are available for the pre-season game against Kansas City, where Favre is to make his come back, are already quite limited.

While supporters of the Minnesota Vikings do have mixed reactions about Favre’s getting on board, it seems like they will also have to be content with odds in the Vikings’ favor falling considerably. The chances of the Super Bowl being won by the Vikings have gone up, and this has been seen through the odds presented by various odd makers.

Before the signing of Favre, the odds for the Vikings winning the Super Bowl stood at 24:1, and now that Favre is on board, the odds have dropped to 14:1. Their odds to win the NFC title have gone from 15:2 to 13:2. This is certainly quite an effect for a single player to have made.

What this simply means is that while Viking fans who place bets on the team winning would surely celebrate a Vikings’ victory, they would also have to deal with having earned lesser money through their bets.

Written By Rajiv Baniwal

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